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NEWS: A new picture book  "Quand petit Tomo dort"= "While little Tomo sleeps". is released from French publisher Grandir, as one one of the series "Papier Coupés".

August 15, 2017



 This is a website to introduce KINOTORIKO (Toriko Kino)'s works ; illustrations, picture books and other activities.

  The blogs on the right side: "NEWS" is for showing updates and notices, "Portfolio" is for presenting my works (used or unused for media), sortable by categories of themes and techniques. "Recent Entries" links directly to the latest 3 articles.

  The tabs on above "PrintedBooks", "eBooks", "Exhibitions" etc... are the archives containing the reports on the activities terminated or completed, with informations in detail.  I appreciate your frequent visit. 

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