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" Honeybees and the Labyrinths of Flowers " published !

HB_cover_forPub.jpgIt' been such a long time since I last updated! I've been working on the new picture-book for a long time. Now, in Japan, on  March 8th, it's finally issued ; entitled
" Honeybees and the Labyrinths of Flowers" .

In this book, many nectar plants from various regions in the world are introduced, in style of the maze, as if you are  wandering among these flowers with " a honey-bee-point of view " !
It is one of the so-called activity book, enjoyable for tracing and coloring the maze, but it also has much information on honeybees, flowers and the relationships between them and we humans.

Dr. Masami Sasaki ( professor emeritus / Tamagawa University), the leading expert in the field of honeybee research, has supervised the contents, to make this book also recommendable for ones who love natural science.


Damask rose of Bulgaria


April 5, 2019


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